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5 Chrome Extensions every designer must have

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser because you can easily add extra functionality using an extension. Extensions are easy to use and allow you to customize your browsing experience. Moreover, you do not require any coding experience to use these extensions. There are thousands of Google chrome extensions for graphic designers. Here are 5 must have Google Chrome Extensions for every designer.

1. Whatfont

This is a similar extension to the Fontsninja, this plugin helps you to find the font family name, size, line height, color, and the weight of font used on a particular page in the website.

2. Heurio — UX Check & Visual Feedback Tool

This tool will help communication between designer and developer. Using this extension you can turn any website into a canvas and add your notes which can be later shared with the developer. Through this extension, those minor misunderstandings will be thrown away during the deployment phase.

All you need to do is open a website, click on the extension, pin your ideas by clicking on any element on the website, and share a link with all the changes to the developer team.

3. Window resizer

This extension resizes your window to any resolution so that you can emulate any device. You can set height and width to change the website window to a particular window.

Through this extension, you can view how the website looks on various devices even without resizing the browser.

4. Savee

Save images from any site directly into your boards on

Saving all your workspace images in the gallery and feeling difficult while finding those images?

This extension helps you to store all your images, inspirations, etc in one place and you can access these images from anywhere.

5. Color by fardos

By using this extension you can pick the color from any website. You may ask, isn’t it a normal color picker extension that I already have?

The Answer is No, One of the coolest features in Color by fardos is you can type any color name and you will get shades, tints, tetradic, triadic, complementary, and split complementary of that particular color.

It’s hard to search a website and know the complementary and other basic things of color. So I use this plugin to save my time.


Google Chrome Extensions are a great way to save time and work efficiently. You can simply pick up colors, fonts, and images directly from web pages with these extensions. These free Google Chrome extensions solve many issues faced by designers. You will, however, need to experiment with different Chrome extensions to find the ones that work best for you.


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