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8 Podcasts Every Designer Needs to Hear

The challenge that many designers face is that the trends and influences within UX are evolving all the time. It’s up to you to always be updating your skills and improving yourself. Podcasts are a great alternative way to consume knowledge by listening instead of reading.

These 8 podcasts provide the latest trends and insights from thought leaders in the UX industry. Sample a few of them within this article, and be sure to make them part of your regular listening habits.

Google Design

Google is one of the biggest companies in the world and for a good reason. Billions of people use their services and infrastructure, so if any business knows about how to do UI, it’s them. If you’re interested in their approach to UI design, their Google Design podcast is exactly what you should be listening too.

Hosted by, you’ve guessed it, the designers at Google HQ, you’ll get an insight look into what the top designers look at heading into a project, their mindset, and their approach, ensuring you have all the information and inspiration you need heading into the world of UX design.

Do you want to learn about the Google UX Hiring Process? What about listening to the perspectives of Margaret Lee on redefining design leadership and inclusivity in the workplace?

Curated with beginner UX designers in mind, you’ll hear about literally everything, including the history of the careers of Google’s top designers, notes on their individual processes, and the creative disciplines these designers follow.


There’s no denying that a podcast with a title like this is not going to not be on this list. One of the most important and authoritative podcasts in the industry, UXPodcast is hosted by Per Axbom and James Royal-Lawson and covers everything you could possibly want or need to know.

From the ever-changing technology used in the UX industry and the people who are making waves and setting trends to the business side of things, the duo really doesn’t hold back on anything. With the mission focus to help give designers everything they need to be as confident as possible in this world, this is a must-add to your list.


Easily one of the longest-running UX podcasts in the world that has its roots set back as far as 2006, Garry Gaffney hosts the UXPod which is renowned for covering literally every single topic you can think of. From design thinking and global UX to interactive design ideas and content design, UXPod takes UX discussion across borders and into everything you can think of.

Hosted on the UXPod website, there’s a very professional feel to this podcast, and all MP3 files can be downloaded and saved to any compatible device that allows you to access this podcast anywhere you want at any time.

Creative Pep Talk

It doesn’t matter what kind of creative pursuit you’re in; whether you’re a UX designer, illustrator, graphic or web designer, or any other kind, you need to be listening to Creative Pep Talk. As the name suggests, this is a podcast that’s going to give you all the motivation and inspiration you need to be your best.

In this podcast, you’ll hear all about how to find your own unique voice as a designer, how to have the most impact with your work and how to express yourself, and how to unleash your creativity in the ways you already know, and means you couldn’t even imagine.

The podcast is available through both the Creative Pep Talk website and SoundCloud account, which is also available via the Android and iOS app, meaning you can take this podcast with you wherever you go, allowing you never to be too far away for a wise word of wisdom.


BeyondUsers is a comprehensive website set up and curated by Alen Faljic, a designer who aims to not only help UX designers explore the different ideas and concepts that can be found throughout the world of UX design, but also to look into the business aspects of the industry, including how to find projects, how to deal with clients, and what makes ‘good business’.

As a designer looking to make their way through the business world, this is the podcast you need to be listening too. The podcast will teach essential business skills, and there’s a downloadable/saveable guide, so you can easily recap the important points and integrate them into your own practices.

What’s more, every episode is available as a downloadable MP3 file, so you can listen to it anywhere at any anytime without needing an internet connection.

The UX Intern

As the title suggests, if you’re a beginner into the UX industry and you’re just starting out, or you just want a unique professional insight into what UX is all about, perhaps if you’re planning on getting into it yourself, then this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Wesley Noble, this monthly podcast looks at all aspects of the UX world through the eyes of an intern.

The show brings on guest designers from all over the world who share their unique and individual ideas and perspectives on the industry to help aspiring designers build confidence and find their own way in this world.

User Defenders

With a massive 4.7/5 rating on Apple Podcasts, this is hands down one of the most popular podcasts on our list. Hosted by the great Jason Ogle, this series of episodes explores the ever-changing landscape of UX design and teaches us a new perspective on how to navigate these changes and make the most of them.

With wearable technology taking off like never before, and more people becoming connected in ways the world has ever seen, there’s never been a better time to be a UX designer, and Jason knows this and wants to help you take every opportunity that’s right for you.

All the guests come to talk about everything, including AI, portfolio building, and everything in-between, and with each episode around an hour-long, there’s more than enough content here for you to sink your teeth into.


Finally, one of our favorite podcasts to hit our list and to see us out with a bang, we have Wireframe. Hosted by Khoi Vinh, he is the leading UX designer over at Gimlet Creative and Adobe, so right off the bat you know you’re heading into some of the top UX content available.

While recently started in 2018, which is way more recent than some of the other podcasts here, this means the show is only just getting off the ground and has some big things lined up for it. Supportive, inspirational, and incredibly motivational; there’s no way anybody listening to this podcast isn’t going to fall in love with UX design.


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