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13 helpful UX Research tools

The landscape of UX research tools has been growing to cover everything from recruiting participants, logistics, capturing remote or in-person sessions, usability tests, generating reports and more.

While not inclusive of all the tools that are out there, here are some helpful tools you can check out whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner:

A spreadsheet/database like tool that has UX research templates to help you search and categorize participants and session insights.

A free tool to help you schedule meetings.

Recruit, plan and analyze diary studies.

A flexible canvas creation for collaboration, with templates for storyboards, user journeys and more

A real time or remote user research sessions with the ability to record, and take notes during session in a collaborative dashboard. Use the “Live” feature to broadcast your research to your team.

A user testing platform that generates reports from your Figma, InVision, Sketch and Marvel prototypes.

Online collaboration whiteboard.

Video transcription tool to save you time reviewing footage.

Help your team recruit, organize, capture and tag patterns in data across multiple research participants.

Schedule remote research interviews with business professionals from verified companies.

For fuss-free form creation, try using a simple form structure to test concepts.

Sophisticated survey platform that helps you with concept testing.

Quickly get remote or in person feedback from a largest and most diverse first-party panel. Focus on leveling up your skills with UserTesting University.

Robust platform for many study types. Focus on learning a particular topic UserZoom Academy. UserZoom recently acquired Validately.


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